Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Theo – Mass Lexileictous: A super hero is born.

In 2005 - six years ago, Alexis Themistocleous presented his first solo exhibition entitled “From evolution to revolution” at the Morfi Gallery “G.M” in Limassol, Cyprus. Alexis was exploring the subject of cloning and the possible monstrous births that fault experiments can bring. The facts that took place during these six years are mentioned below. Theo-Mass Lexileictous is the anagram and alter ego of Alexis Themistocleous.

This is the story of super hero Theo-Mass Lexileictous. The mutation of a scientist, brought to life after a toxic explosion, during the “From evolution to revolution” experiment at the G.M genetic laboratory. The mad scientist had been trying desperately to clone and create life for over six years, yet to no avail, as all experiments failed one after the other.

It was a rainy day, when the scientist woke up to find himself overwhelmed by a strange feeling. Something was about to happen. Something unbelievable. Something extraordinary. He felt deep inside that this was the day that everything would change.

On his way to the lab, the sky turned black. The streets flooded in seconds, and a great thunderstorm frightened all living creatures, when a blackout saw the entire city covered in darkness. The weather posed no threat to the scientist. His vision became an obsession. This was the day his experiment would succeed. Or so he thought.

Once he reached the lab, he opened the door, looked over at the hundreds of fetuses and said “the time has come”. Little did he know that these would be his last words - as all previous efforts, that day’s experiment resulted in yet another immediate failure. An alarming explosion caused the release of gamma rays. The scientist fell on the floor.

This is not to say that his experiment was a complete failure. In fact, that day’s experiment had succeeded, only nine hours after the death of the scientist. What killed him, ironically gave life to the fetuses. Gamma rays penetrated the incubators and the mutation of the fetuses began. The hybrids became monsters, the so-called freaks. They escaped their incubators, attacked the scientist injecting poison into their creator repeatedly for a period of nine hours. Eighteen hours later, the scientist, Alexis Themistocleous was reborn. But he was not the same. It was his alter ego: Theo –Mass Lexileictous. Lying on the floor, covered in poisonous substances, the super hero opened his eyes, slowly rose to his feet, looked around him and said: “MY INSANITY WILL BECOME YOUR IMAGINATION”.


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