Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Superhero Theo-Mass Lexileictous has unleashed his creative attacks, this time for Dazed & Confused Magazine. For three days a magazine with a riddle was appearing outside the headquarters of Dazed. The last attack with the riddle "PRESS THE BUTTON MESS YOUR MIND-WEDNESDAY MORNING YOU'LL BE MINE" was the final one as on the 5th of October the Superhero appeared on the  magazine's offices to deliver to Dazed & Confused editor Rod Stanley and Another - Another Man editor in Chief Jefferson Hack a briefcase with the amount of 10,000 Theo-Mass Dollars. Below you can see images of all the riddles. Press the link below to read the interview of Theo-Mass Lexileictous on DAZED DIGITAL: His Insanity, Your Imagination: Theo-Mass Lexileictous


 ATTACK 2 / The second riddle was found along with the cape of Theo-Mass Lexileictous


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