Sunday, February 5, 2012



I am a superhero, a character that escaped from his comic book and left its pages blank, currently living in reality. I am extracted from my two-dimensional environment and my journey is continuing its course in three-dimensionality. I have never existed in reality; I act in unusual manners, with no logic, without realizing my restrictions in this world. I have adjusted my own reality (as I have no sense of what it is allowed to be done) in this world. Through my abnormal acts I am seeking all possible ways to transfer myself back into a two-dimensional form, to trap in this way my energy onto the images or the screen. Since the first episode of the story has already been photographed, I have escaped from the second episode this time, and I am currently travelling the world for my “My insanity will become your imagination tour”, in order to promote it. Once this episode will be photographed I will no longer exist in the real world. I will return to two-dimensionality with all my energy trapped in the images until the next episode of the story escape the pages of the comic book and enable me to enter reality once again.

The current episode is entitled “My power is beyond your understanding”, and places its focus on my continuous attempts to conquer the world. I have printed my own currency, the Theo-Mass dollars, one of the most important elements of the story. By using my own minted banknotes as a symbol of property, authority and power, I am tackling issues of commercialism as well as blowing it away generously during my appearances, spreading my name and making my presence known to the masses. I am accompanied by my Freaks everywhere I go; the mutated fetuses that escaped their incubators after the toxic explosion in the G.M genetic laboratory according to the story line. Through my tour, I am exploring notions of masculinity and researching for new avenues of expression. My ultimate goal is to make the impossible possible, the unreachable reachable, the unavailable available, the unattainable attainable. I want to emphasize the significance of authenticity and replace the whole notion of what is taken for granted.
My appearances are meant to surprise and offer an extraordinary experience to the audience. Thus, the garments, headpieces and props are very important. Since each episode is the continuation of the previous one, my costumes change from episode to episode with the intention to communicate the following one in the best possible way. I use fashion as a weapon to inspire, since fashion is an art form that connects instantly with the audience; there is an immediate attraction with the passerby. In this sense, fashion has a principle role on the whole story. For the first episode all costumes and headpieces were custom made for all of my appearances and shoots but for the second episode, beside all these, I am using several pieces from the fashion world. My main costume is the “Le Smoking” jacket, created exclusively for SHOWstudio by Mugler’s creative director Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer. I use several other pieces as well by designers and artists such as Gareth Pugh, Mugler, Comme des Garcons and custom made pieces by Atsuko Kudo and other designers and artists.
My aim and mission is to become a two-dimensional character, to create the most inspiring and innovative comic ever. I want to imbue it with fashion and art. I want it to be something more than just another comic-superhero film. Especially with the use of technology the creation of it will reach an inspiring outcome beyond any normal expectations. Without a doubt, responsible for all the above will be a fashion photographer that will transform it into a significant reference for the future.
After all, my name is Theo-Mass Lexileictous and my Insanity will become your Imagination.

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