Saturday, September 22, 2012


On a dark journey to take the audacious step, in an effort to explore the inner most secretive corridors in the basement of my mind, I lost the meaning of “gravity”. Meeting Him inside the mirror while overlapping my figure: my reality was inverted. I was talking to Him in order to try and make sense of what was going on; I felt like a fugitive, trapped in my own body.
He was fearless, confident, powerful. He would appear in the mirror quite often till we started chatting.
“Are you ready to take me into your body? To give me your heart and your soul? I’ll take you wherever you want to go. I’ll make your dreams come true. There is just a contract you need to sign. That’s all.”
These were His last words before disappearing. I was in complete confusion. I didn’t feel ready to take this step back then, but it was that undulating, boundless, biomorphic shape in perpetual motion, which was pushing me to accept His offer. I knew that with Him, I could conquer the world; that with Him, I could become the black force, a dark knight - a fearless, powerful being.
But it wasn’t an easy decision to take, you know; it was a 180 degrees turn; a whole new world. I knew I was going to become someone else. And I was always asking Him:
“What if one day you decide to leave me?”
And his reply:
“I won’t.”
I was smashed into pieces just like a broken mirror, where each of its fragments is cursed. And suddenly I had no other choice than to follow my instinct. I stood before the mirror, waiting for Him to appear and suddenly He did. He seemed different. I remember He was wearing a mask covered in matches and He was all painted black. He was holding the contract and a syringe.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
Once I answered YE$, He injected the syringe into my veins, drew my blood and gave it to me to sign the contract. As I signed, His mask ignited and He started burning. From that moment, I see Him every time I look in the mirror but we no longer converse. He does exactly what I tell Him to do or in truth I do exactly as He wants me to do.

Photography: Stelios Kallinikou / Leather mask by VOID OF COURSE / Jacket and shirt by COMME DES GARCONS / Latex gloves by ATSUKO KUDO / Mirror headpiece, cape & trousers THEO-MASS'S own.

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