Friday, December 14, 2012


The relatively unknown masked artist Theo-Mass Lexileictous, has recently completed the fifth episode of his story titled “The Ultimate Acceptance”. The specific episode was exploring the concept of what will happen when alter-ego overpowers ego. The artist released Theo-Mass Times, a bookzine where there is a documentation of all 5 episodes completed until now. In the process of creating Planet Theo-Mass, a place free from the constraints of gravity as he declares this planet to be, the mysterious masked superhero has recently announced that his upcoming episode is titled POSTDIGITALISM. Within the episode, which he estimates to be completed in exactly one year, Theo-Mass will be exploring digital technology in all of its forms from digitally manipulated images to 3D scanning and rapid prototyping as well as creating the planet Theo-Mass application which will give to his followers the opportunity to be updated about the story and the development of it as well as share ideas and discuss collaborations with young and upcoming talents.
Photography: Stelios Kallinikou

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